Campbell Cyber Dynamics is an IT solutions business based in Cache-Valley, Utah. We work with our clients to deliver technology solutions that help grow, expand, and exceed their business goals.

We specialize in a few main areas with our clients: AI, Cybersecurity, Web Design, Data Analytics, and Process Automation. By specifically catering each of these areas to our client's needs and specifications, we provide solutions that enable growth, efficiency, and expansion.

About Kaden

Kaden graduated in 2020 with a degree in Management Information Systems from USU and went on to join Utah State's Center for Anticipatory Intelligence (CAI) program. During this time, he partnered with interdisciplinary teams to conduct new research into emerging cyber threats relating to artificial intelligence, the dark net, and national security.

In tandem, whilst involved in the CAI program, Kaden was appointed IT Project Manager at Campbell Scientific, where he oversaw the implementation of a new Enterprise-Resource-Planning system over a multi-year period.

Drawing on his experience and passion for security and technology, Kaden founded Campbell Cyber Dynamics to provide companies with a comprehensive suite of IT solutions, enabling them to prepare themselves for success in our modern age.

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